Purchase our new seafood cookbook, The Fisherman's Wife: Sustainable Recipes and Salty Stories, at any of our Greenmarket stands in NYC, or order via mail on the Cookbook tab of this site...or purchase it at the following locations on Long Island: Phoebe and Belle, Borghese Vineyards, and Little Creek Oyster Farm.


We are a commercial fishing family from Mattituck, on the North Fork of Long Island. We catch our own wild, local fish and sell exclusively at various Greenmarkets in New York City, with 40 years commercial fishing experience and 28 years at the markets.

We carry extremely fresh fish and shellfish that come directly from the waters of Eastern Long Island to the customer. Fish seasons vary, as do state and federal regulations, so check our list of the fish we carry by season. Be aware that availability varies each year due to weather, regulations and natural cycles. We encourage you to try local species that may be unfamiliar to you; we are always available to help with cooking suggestions and recipes!


See Markets page for locations and days of our 2017 markets.